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Nobody would fault you if after going through the formal years of schooling, you could well be thinking that 9-to-6 office job must be everyone's desired job but I can tell you that it for sure is not my stuff. I ended up at one moment of time, living under such fantasy. I remember the instances when I was in the university and watch those folks in their business outfits, I thought they were cool. Of course, I was really inspired to excel in my corporate career.

Now it is two year right after my college graduation and things are not exactly identical as they always seem to me. Management and business jobs are really not as attractive as I pictured them to be. You could very well say that I'm a washout however I was not and I was actually being employed by one of the globally most recognized firms soon after my graduation. Subsequent to struggling two years of agony perched behind the worktable seven days a week and hoping for the clock hand to hit past 6 pm, I made up my mind that enough is enough.

You might call me impulsive, but so far as I am able to ascertain, I have made an effort speaking to my classmates who confer at approximately the same time as me. Incredibly, large number of whom I talked to were in the same situation or worse than myself. The paradox of thing is the unhappiness is not something that is caused by insufficient economic reward. You bet, most of us were handsomely paid in our work and we did discern how fortunate we were when many of us in the country are still struggling to get a hold of jobs.

My job at the office where I worked for was never insecure. You could very well call me immature however it without a doubt was the office infighting that pressed me to my move. I detest it when I must be not who I am. I really like arguing but only when folks disagree on the merits of an idea rather than some hidden intention. I tried to imagine what I strive to be two or three decades from this moment and I told myself that I just cannot picture myself getting into the identical stuff and still be delighted. I just have one life and I will want to treasure it. Since my move to call it quit, I did not look backward and it is a decision that I won't feel sorry for.

In the two years that I had been clung in 'corporate prison', I had piled up good amount of savings that allowed me to embark upon my other passion in life and coincidentally, it is the cooking field. While my obsession is clearly demanding (you know how kitchen works) and strenuous, I am delighting myself all the time and time just flies without me ever noticing it.

This blog site is compiled based on my personal account and it is my means of expressing my feelings. Take them as my private diary. It will be magnificent to hear if you come across the information material as insightful. If not, thank you for stopping by.

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